WELCOME! I am offering Inspiration.Faith.Health.Business influence through my social media, blogs and website! I would like to invite YOU on your journey to Be INSPIRED for MORE! Re-imagine the possibilities for your life. My desire is to make an impact on people to change and be inspired to be all that they can be! It is never too late! Life’s journey is not always easy….and this may be a time in your life where you are looking for more, a change or new opportunities! I offer "Dare 2 Dream" Coaching Services for the Independent Contractor, Entrepreneur or Business Owner. I specialize in Training/Guiding you with your Passions & Goals, Branding/Social Media & Email Marketing for beginner platforms to launch and evolve your business. In addition I offer and share about Living Clean life changing wellness products. They help us feel and look better longer. Looking for a Business? Work for yourself, from home and build a supplemental income! Have more freedom to do the things you love, save, pay off debt or even replace your full-time income! Work for yourself, but not by yourself! Consider "Teaming Up with Me" in one of these areas. ! It would be an honor to work with you!

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    "I want to see mountains again, mountains Gandalf!"
     "I want to see mountains again, mountains Gandalf!" The last 5 years living in my hometown Cleveland Ohio, I served Youth. It was a passion I never knew I had. It was life changing for me. I pursued this as my career full-time, but when my Dad ha...
    Dare to Desire
    Dare to Desire. At times in life all we can focus on is what’s in front of us - juggling the pressures and demands of life on auto pilot. Have you evaluated where you are at in your life lately?  Where you want to be?  Have you done some soul...
    Where Life Begins
    Where Life Begins. The things that matter to me are Inspiration. Faith. Health and Business! I am passionate about these areas and it is what my life is about. I like to share that with others! I don’t know about you, but I would much rathe...
    Stepping Out In-spite Of Fear
    Stepping Out In-spite Of Fear. Do you have fear making a decision to change your life and go in a new direction? I have met many people who wallow at that stage and the fear is so overwhelming that nothing ever changes. They continue to talk a...
    Have you had a God shot?
    Have you had a God shot? Have you ever wondered why you have to wait so long for a situation in your life to come together? You have done your part to research, network with people and nothing seems to be coming together. Your deadline is fast a...
    Anticipating the Next Season
    Anticipating the Next Season. I am grateful for the special amazing seasons in life - where we never want them to  end. Do you know what I am talking about? The season when everything is connecting, we are enjoying ourselves, we have special peo...
    Are You Living Like a Survivor of a Shipwreck?
    Are you living like a survivor of a shipwreck? Our days seem to be about endless responsibilities, tasks and deadlines – not to mention being up against the wall juggling a crisis from time to time.   We are self-absorbed and riddled with str...
    Stop Your Stinking Thinking
    Stop Your Stinking Thinking! If your like me, you over think and over analyze at times. These traits can be positive when you are making decisions and trying to figure out a solution – but many times it hurts us. Quite a few years ago in my 2...
    Do 3 Things to Get To Your Dream
    Do 3 Things To Get To Your Dream DREAMS! It is such a part of my life, my inspiration, my hope and my existence. What about you? As I was pondering recently about living here in San Diego, my thoughts took me to a Pastor back in Ohio who said, "...
    Do you want to Get your Gut in line with your Mind? I want to talk a little bit about Gut Health. Not a pretty word, but this year I have learned more about it then ever before. The health of your Gut controls so much in your entire body fro...